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Monday, February 1, 2016

Romantic Red Bohemian Home Decor Under $20 {Valentines Day Home Decor}

Red is the color of love. The color of passion. It's a strong sensual color that can arouse the senses - wouldn't you agree? Oooooh laa laa. In most Eastern cultures red is the color of luck and good fortune so when East meets West does red mean... you're going to get lucky tonight? 
Anyways, here are a few wonderful pieces of home decor to feature in your love shack for Valentine's Day, oh heck any day! It's all amazing! And what's even more amazing is that all of these pieces are $20 and under. What??? It's true! Look for yourself!



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Quirky Bohemian Mama


  1. super cute picks! love the elephant and the genie lamp! ♥

  2. Love the Aladdin Lamp and the embroidered pouf! Do you know of a place where you can get floor rugs that look like those mandala throws? We're looking for something to cover our bare floors but it's hard to find something big enough and colorful enough!!

    1. I'm willing to bet you can find something like that on Amazon!

  3. Beautiful stuff and love your site!


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